Monday, September 3, 2012

Laboring on Labor Day

Today is Labor Day and most schools have the day off, which means thousands of high schoolers slept in way past noon today. I know I did! After waking up at two in the afternoon and taming my insanely crazy bed head, I did the most craziest thing ever that no one would ever think of doing: watched TV. Pretty extreme, right? It wasn't until three movies later that I realized I had forgotten all bout my homework. Being a freshman in high school, I felt that it was a pretty crappy way to start off the year. Now that I have my Algebra homework finished and the first paragraph of the FFA Creed partially memorized, I can do what any other teenager does: complain. My agriculture class is so boring, the only reason I haven't changed my schedule yet is because there's this cute sophomore in it. Yup, another thing that's common among teenagers: horomone-crazed brains. Cute guy over here, hot football player over there, boy craziness is common among all teenage girls and I'm positive it's the same for the opposite sex.